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All works represented at 200% worldwide. (so 100% PA and 100% SR)


ANYONE YOU KNOW  (ISRC CA-AQB-18-00065 (CAAQB1800065)/ ISWC T-923.569.352-4)
SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU  (ISRC CA-AQB-18-00066 (CAAQB1800066)/ ISWC T-923.569.350-2)
STOP WALK RUN  (ISRC CA-AQB-18-00067 (CAAQB1800067)/ ISWC T-923.569.348-8)
FEED  (ISRC CA-AQB-18-00068 (CAAQB1800068)/ ISWC T-923.569.346-6)

Max Davis

BLOOD LOVE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00033 (CAAQB1700033)/ ISWC T-921.508.961-5)
CAREFUL MAMA  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00037 (CAAQB1700037)/ ISWC T-921.508.957-9)
INNOCENT  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00035 (CAAQB1700035)/ ISWC T-921.508.959-1)
IT S ALRIGHT  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00036 (CAAQB1700036)/ ISWC T-921.508.958-0)
MANIC RUN  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00038 (CAAQB1700038)/ ISWC T-921.508.956-8)
MOMENT OF TRUTH  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00034 (CAAQB1700034)/ ISWC T-921.508.960-4)

East of 9

NO EXPECTATIONS  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00022 (CAAQB1600022)/ ISWC T-919.806.021-8)
RULES  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00023 (CAAQB1600023)/ ISWC T-919.806.017-2)
ONE LIGHT  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00024 (CAAQB1600024)/ ISWC T-919.806.019-4)
LARGER THAN LIFE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00025 (CAAQB1600025)/ ISWC T-919.806.020-7)
LEAD  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00026 (CAAQB1600026)/ ISWC T-919.806.014-9)
DIFFERENT DAY DIFFERENT WAY  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00027 (CAAQB1600027)/ ISWC T-919.806.009-2)
SUSPICION  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00028 (CAAQB1600028)/ ISWC T-919.806.010-5)
POLAROID  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00029 (CAAQB1600029)/ ISWC T-919.806.013-8)
BUTTERFLY CRY  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00030 (CAAQB1600030)/ ISWC T-919.806.016-1)
DIFFERENT DAY  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00031 (CAAQB1600031)/ ISWC T-919.806.025-2)
STARSTRUCK EYES  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00032 (CAAQB1600032)/ ISWC T-919.806.002-5)
ADDICTION COMES EASY  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00001 (CAAQB1600001)/ ISWC T-071.543.467-5)
DON T TELL ME  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00002 (CAAQB1600002)/ ISWC T-071.557.444-9)
KEEP IT INSIDE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00003 (CAAQB1600003)/ ISWC T-071.557.448-3)
HARD THING TO TRUST  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00004 (CAAQB1600004)/ ISWC T-071.557.445-0)
INVISIBLE MOMENTS  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00005 (CAAQB1600005)/ ISWC T-071.557.447-2)
SIP OR TWO  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00006 (CAAQB1600006)/ ISWC T-071.557.450-7)
LET ME BE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00007 (CAAQB1600007)/ ISWC T-071.557.443-8)
SANCTIONED MY LOVE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00008 (CAAQB1600008)/ ISWC T-071.557.449-4)
I WONDER  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00009 (CAAQB1600009)/ ISWC T-071.557.446-1)
SUNSHINE HALO  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00010 (CAAQB1600010)/ ISWC T-071.557.451-8)
TIRED AND TORN  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00011 (CAAQB1600011)/ ISWC T-071.557.452-9)
JUSTE POUR CET INSTANT  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00012 (CAAQB1600012)/ ISWC T-071.543.466-4)

Drye Blue

DREAMING DAYS  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00016 (CAAQB1600016)/ ISWC T-919.843.623-6)
JUST A SIMPLETON  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00019 (CAAQB1600019)/ ISWC T-070.460.654-1)
MUSIC MAN  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00020 (CAAQB1600020)/ ISWC T-070.314.095-7)
OPEN UP  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00021 (CAAQB1600021)/ ISWC T-919.843.622-5)
OUT OF HERE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00015 (CAAQB1600015)/ ISWC T-919.843.620-3)
PHILADELPHIA SYLVIA  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00014 (CAAQB1600014)/ ISWC T-919.843.618-9)
SOMETHING BZZARRE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00018 (CAAQB1600018)/ ISWC T-919.843.616-7)
BARFLY GROOVE  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00017 (CAAQB1600017)/ ISWC T-919.843.614-5)
THINKING  (ISRC CA-AQB-16-00013 (CAAQB1600013)/ ISWC T-919.843.611-2)

Deke Flash

BOULEVARD  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00046 (CAAQB1700046)/ ISWC T-922.263.747-0)
BREAKOUT  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00050 (CAAQB1700050)/ ISWC T-922.386.636-2)
CHARIOT  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00040 (CAAQB1700040)/ ISWC T-922.263.330-9)
CHOCOLATE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00051 (CAAQB1700051)/ ISWC T-922.386.634-0)
CLEAR  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00043 (CAAQB1700043)/ ISWC T-922.263.751-6)
COLD  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00042 (CAAQB1700042)/ ISWC T-922.263.753-8)
FRAGILE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00060 (CAAQB1700060)/ ISWC T-922.741.955-8)
GLACIER  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00052 (CAAQB1700052)/ ISWC T-922.386.633-9)
HANDS  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00055 (CAAQB1700055)/ ISWC T-922.433.114-0)
JASPER  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00061 (CAAQB1700061)/ ISWC T-922.741.954-7)
LATITUDE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00062 (CAAQB1700062)/ ISWC T-922.741.953-6)
LEADER  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00041 (CAAQB1700041)/ ISWC T-922.263.327-4)
LIQUID  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00057 (CAAQB1700057)/ ISWC T-922.433.112-8)
LOST  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00047 (CAAQB1700047)/ ISWC T-922.282.430-8)
MASQUERADE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00058 (CAAQB1700058)/ ISWC T-922.458.179-7)
POCKETS  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00048 (CAAQB1700048)/ ISWC T-922.282.429-5)
ROOFTOPS  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00049 (CAAQB1700049)/ ISWC T-922.282.428-4)
RUNNING  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00044 (CAAQB1700044)/ ISWC T-922.263.750-5)
SEPTEMBER  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00053 (CAAQB1700053)/ ISWC T-922.386.630-6)
STEELE  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00059 (CAAQB1700059)/ ISWC T-922.458.177-5)
STRUT  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00045 (CAAQB1700045)/ ISWC T-922.263.749-2)
TAPESTRY  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00056 (CAAQB1700056)/ ISWC T-922.433.113-9)
TUNNELS  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00063 (CAAQB1700063)/ ISWC T-922.741.952-5)
VISTA  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00064 (CAAQB1700064)/ ISWC T-922.741.951-4)
WHEELS  (ISRC CA-AQB-17-00054 (CAAQB1700054)/ ISWC T-922.386.628-2)

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